India Esys founded by the team of engineers in Pune city (Maharashtra State, India) since 2008. Now we are actively working at national and international level on different projects. We have a dynamic network of different experts, professional, entrepreneur and engineers. We have belief in work and service for reforming the world. We have establishment a network for technical services in the cities Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, Jalgaon, Dhule, Augrangabad, Ahmed Nagar and Malegaon.

India Esys in one roof platform for multidimensional design, training and services for the technological aspects. We work to provide creative solutions to IOT, AI, Robotics, Textile Industry, Automotive, Embedded System, Solar System, Power Electronics, Bio medical  Home Appliances, Industrial Automation and Security Systems.

India Esys offers engineering & science technical support of academia including school and colleges. It creates excellence in education and promotes technical education to the students.  Esys has been designed the trainer kits & practical boards. Esys has been conducting the seminar & workshop at Schools as well as Colleges.


Work Domain:

IOT, AI, Robotics, Electronics, Embedded, Robotics, Instrumentation, Physics, Automation, Analog, Digital, Microprocessor & Microcontroller, DSP, DIP, MATLAB, VHDL, PLC, AVR/ARM/PIC, LabVIEW, PCB designing etc.


India Esys Initiatives: 

  • To promote technical education in our country
  • To create excellence in education
  • To build scientific temper in the students
  • Education, Sports and Adventure for all
  • Develop creative thinking at the age of learning
  • Machine learning and Developing Innovative ideas


India Esys Services with great visions:

  • The Creators Foundation (Education, Sports and Adventure for All)
  • The School of RobotiX (Let’s learn, play and innovate wonders of the Robotics)
  • The Science Club (Today’s science is tomorrows’s technology)