Fire fighting robo



To Design and build a Fire fighting Robo

Working Principle:

To monitor and control fire using a fire extinguisher using a fighting robot

Block diagram:

Fire fighting robot
Fire fighting robot

Block diagram Explanation:

Here we are designing a System which will automatically detect any hazardous situation related to fire in the area. Also we are designing and building a fire fighting robot with fire extinguishing mechanism

  • Read the Light and temperature sensor data (Fire). Perform Signal conditioning on the signal. (If the signal is very low in µv).
  • Store the data in µC internal memory (RAM).
  • Display the parameters on LCD
  • Move the buggy in forward direction using the DC motor based model.
  • If fire detected, then stop the buggy and operate the fire extinguishing mechanism for 2 seconds.
  • For fire condition turn on Buzzer.


Hard ware Features:

  • µC : 89s52 /PIC
  • Sensors :

Temperature: LM35

Light: LDR (Light dependent resistance)

Fire : Bimetallic strip

  • LCD: 16*2 , 100 ma , Alphanumeric Display
  • DC motor: 12v , 12v , 30 rpm speed
  • Power Supply: 5V, 750 ma current.

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