Solar Based Car AC control

Solar Based Car AC control


The renewable energy is vital for today’s world as in near future the non renewable sources that we are using are going to get exhausted. The solar based ac system is a step in saving these non renewable sources of energy. The basic principle of solar based AC is to use energy that is directly connected to AC start switch. This idea, in future, may help protect our fuels from getting extinguished.


Block Diagram:

Solar Based Car AC control
Solar Based Car AC control

 In this project we are using microcontroller, solar panel, Relay and dc motor for AC compressor. The solar panel is connected to relay with some power control circuit. And dc motor is also connected to relay for AC compressor. And we are controlling relay through microcontroller. When we switch ON the car AC at that time microcontroller check relay status. If the sun light is focus on solar panel. Then our Car AC is running on solar power at day time.


  1. The solar vehicles are the future of the automobile industry.
  2. They are highly feasible and can be manufactured with ease.
  3. The main advantages of a solar based AC control are that are very economical.
  4. By harvesting the renewable sources of energy like the solar energy we are helping in preserving the non-renewable sources of energy.
  5. Save our fuels from getting extinguished.

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    1. You can also attache rechargeable batteries with solar panel…in the Night time AC will run on that batteries…

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