Project based on robotics


1. Android Based Robot Control
2. Android Based Robot performing pick & place Application
3. ARV (Armed Robotic Vehicle) with land mine Detector
4. Audio Homing Robot
5. Automatic IEEE wireless Standard ARM7 based image transfer
6. Autonomous transportation Robot using Image processing
7. Fire Fighting Robot
8. Gesture based mouse control
9. Gesture Based Robot Control
10. Grid Tracking Robots
11. Industrial Conveyor Robot
12. Intelligent Solar Tracking Robot
13. Live Streaming Robot
14. Mine Detecting Robot
15. On water Surveillance & Rescuer Robot
16. Robot with robotic Arm
17. Surveillance robot for on water purpose
18. Swarm robotics
19. Touch Screen Based Pick & Place Robot
20. Touch Screen Based Robot Control
21. Two Wheel Balancing robots (Accelerometer Based)

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