Digital Image Processing (DIP)


Sr. No Title Rate
1. Autonomous transportation using Image processing  
2. Component Selector of PCB using Image Processing  
3. Conveyor product sorting using machine vision  
4. Detection of Cancerous Blood Cells  
5. Detection of Cancerous blood cells  
6. DIP Coater Instrument  
7. Driver Vigilance  
8. Engine chassis number recognition system  
9. E-Parking System  
10. Face Recognition using MATLAB  
11. Finger print Recognition Using MATLAB  
12. Gesture Based Robot Control  
13. Image fusion using DWT & SIFT  
14. Image Retrieval using color & Texture  
15. Image Retrival using colour & Texture  
16. Iris recognition & eye lid movement control system  
17. Leaf disease Recognition  
18. License Plate Number Recognition  
19. Musical Instrument recognition and notes separation  
20. Number Plate Recognition system.  
21. Real Time monitoring system for Driver Vigilance  
22. Safe cheque depositing using TCP/IP Protocol & image Processing  
23. Scanner using MATLAB  
24. Speech Recognition in Medical Shop  
25. Speech Recognitions System using Neural Network  
26. Traffic light control using SWARM Intelligence  

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