Embedded System

8051/ARM7/PIC/AVR Based Projects

Sr. No Project Title Rate
1 Time Attendance and access control system using RFID techniques
2 Time Attendance and access control system using I-Button
3 Office/Auditorium/Exhibition/Museum automation system using RFID
4 Micro Controller based prepaid parking system
5 Micro Controller based robotics arm
6 Micro Controller based automation of sliding door using stepper motors
7 Real time based water irrigation controlling system
8 Micro Controller based gas plant/home security (regarding gas) monitoring system
9 Micro controller based Speed control of Induction motor using PWM techniques
10 Micro Controller based Hearth rate monitoring system.
11 Micro Controller based photo-meter system(used in latest digi cameras)
12 Load Sensor Weighing Scale using Micro controllers 8051
13 Bank/restaurant/CCD token Display using Micro controllers 8051
14 Programmable Alarm Clock Using the Atmel AT89C2051
15 LCD Thermometer using Micro controllers 8051
16 Moving Message Display and display special character
17 Digital SPEED Indicator For Vehicle
18 Fluid Level(Water level) Controller
19 Keypad+LCD+Motor /any sensor(which includes ADC interfacing too)
20 security system and parameters controlling for building automation using GSM
21 Home Security using mobile messaging/Auto dialing
22 Remote Process controlling using GSM Techniques
23 Micro Controller based traffic light controller
24 Toll plaza system with 8051 microcontroller
25 Remote monitoring and control system with irrigation system using GSM technique
26 Smart Visitor guide and security systems using Zigbee protocol
27 Application of GSM & GPS for Vehicle Theft Control System
28 Touch Screen Based home/Industrial/Office Automation System
29 GPS application for wild animal tracking system helpful to forest department and animal sanctuaries
30 Vehicle security systems using GPS and SMS (GSM)
31 Vehicle air pollution monitoring and vehicle tracking system using GPS
32 Safe driving(Alcoholic test) using micro controller
33 Accelerometer application for security systems using GPS and SMS(GSM)
34 8051/ARM7 based electronic voting machine with serial communication
35 Green house monitoring and control system with GSM
36 Wireless electronics notice board with audio playback and SMS support
37 Wireless RF Based Home Automation
38 DAM Automation system water level measurement and gate control via GSM(SMS)
39 Temperature, Moisture and ambient light monitoring system for Green House
40 Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN) based smoke/oil/Gas monitoring system in Industries using microcontroller
41 Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN) based Temperature, Pressure and Security monitoring system in Industries
42 CAN protocol based pollution monitoring(PUC) control system
43 Flex sensors based Wireless Human gesture control based robotic Arm
44 Flex sensors based motor/LED/switch controlling application
45 Basic understanding of Bluetooth and electrical appliances control using Bluetooth
46 Bluetooth based controlled robot
47 Cooking gas(LPG) booking using missed call(GSM)
48 GSM application for SSC/HSC time-table using missed call
49 Mobile Payment System using RFID with Pc Interface and GSM
50 CAN protocol based Tire Pressure Monitoring and Control (TPMS) system
51 CAN protocol based advance industrial motor control system
52 CAN protocol based TPMS and engine heat/oil level monitoring system
53 Wireless RF/Zigbee based accelerometer (Hand Motion Based ) robotic car
54 Prepaid Electric Meter systems using micro controller
55 Basic design of I2C protocol
56 Wireless RF/Zigbee based advance TPMS (Tire Pressure Measurement System)
57 Wireless RF/Zigbee based wireless car controlling and parameter monitoring system
58 Wireless RF/Zigbee based wheel chair control Systems using hand motion with obstacle and fire detection
59 Wireless RF/Zigbee based train collision avoidance system with RFID detection
60 Wireless RF/Zigbee based irrigation system
61 Wireless RF/Zigbee based Home automation systems using multiple sensor node
62 Wireless RF/Zigbee based green house monitor and control system
63 Wireless RF/Zigbee vehicle tracking System
64 Wireless data transmission between two computers using zigbee or RF
65 NPK Detection Robot using Colour Sensor
67 Micro Controller Based Bus Identification System For Blind People Using RF Techniques (ZIGBEE)
68 DAM automation system with wireless level measurement and Gate controlling
69 Application of accelerometer for earthquake detector with location and

SMS(GSM) alert

70 Missed call based collage notice information system
71 Talking Thermometer
72 Robotic arm controlling using PC and RF

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