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  1. Copper Clad or Glass EPOXY Fiber PCB Board.
  2. Glossy Photo Paper or Magazine Paper (I Used Glossy Photo Paper).
  3. Copper Etching Chemical (Ferric Chloride or Hydrogen Peroxide) (I Used Ferric Chloride)
  4. Iron.
  5. 2 Containers (1 Small And 1 Big) (Make Sure That The Smaller One Gets Fitted Between The Bigger One, There Must Be Space Between Them)
  6. Hand Drill Machine (With 1mm Bit).
  7. Laser Printer (If You Don’t Have Then Drawn the Designs with Permanent Marker on Board).
  8. PCB Designs On Your Computer (Make Your Own In Proteus Software).
  9. First make Schematic Diagram after that Layout.

Step 1: Design Your Schematics and Print Them

Make your circuit design on Proteus Software.
Print The Design On Glossy Photo Paper Or Magazine Paper Using Laser Printer Only.
If you don’t have a Laser Printer then you can draw the design with Permanent Marker on The COPPER CLAD or GLASS EPOXY FIBER Board.

  Step 2: Prepare Your Copper Clad Board

To prepare the copper clad board:

  1. Apply liquid soap or dishwasher liquid on the coper clad board.
  2. Rub steel wool on it till it gets shiny.
  3. Rub it with Scotch-Brite.
  4. Soak it with water.
  5. Finally, clean it with a cloth.

Now Your Copper Clad Board Is Ready For Toner Transfer (Toner Onto The Board).

Step 3: Toner Transfer (Transfer of Toner onto the Board)

For the toner transfer:

  1. Heat the iron to its maximum setting.
  2. Cut the design and place it up side down on the board.
  3. Slowly move and press the iron on the board with pressure for 20-25 minutes.

Step 4: Washing the Board and Completely Removing the Paper

After Heating, Wash The Board With Water Till the Paper Completely Gets Removed, Now Only Black Lines Are Left on the board do not remove those lines. After That IF There Are any Non Transferred Lines Then Grab a Permanent marker And Draw The Lines.

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