Digital Image Processing (DIP)

Image Processing in MATLAB

image processing in matlab

An image in MATLAB is treated as a matrix Every pixel is a matrix element.

  • MATLAB can import/export several image formats

–BMP (Microsoft Windows Bitmap)

–GIF (Graphics Interchange Files)

–HDF (Hierarchical Data Format)

–JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

–PCX (Paintbrush)

–PNG (Portable Network Graphics)

–TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)

–XWD (X Window Dump)

–MATLAB can also load raw-data or other types of image data

1)Read and Display an Image:

>  I= imread(‘A.png’);

>  imshow(I)

>>   whos

Name      Size                           Bytes  Class

I       349x356x3                       372732  uint8 array

>>  I = imread(‘rice.png’);

>  imshow(I)

>>   background = imopen(I,strel(‘disk’,15));

>>  figure, imshow(background)

>>  I2 = imsubtract(I,background);

>   figure, imshow(I2)

>>   I3 = imadjust(I2);

>  figure, imshow(I3

Image Processing Toolbox Functions:

  • image enhancement
  • image deblurring
  • feature detection
  • noise reduction
  • image segmentation
  • geometric transformations
  • image registration
  • explore an image
  • examine a region of pixels
  • adjust the contrast
  • create contours
  • create histograms
  • manipulate regions of interest
  • degraded images
  • detect and measure features
  • analyze shapes and textures
  • adjust color balance



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