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Solar Tracking System

Solar Tracking system

Solar tracking:

Solar is a non conventional source of energy, considering this we have developed solar panels so that we can fulfill our electricity need. But due to revolution of the earth solar source i.e sun does not face the panel continuously hence no electricity produced any more. The energy panel should face the SUN till it is present in a day.

The problem above can be solved by our system by tracking the solar energy. The block diagram below shows system architecture it consist of a LDR sensor senses max solar power which is being given to the Microcontroller through the ADC which digitizes the LDR output. Controller then takes the decision according to then algorithm and tilts the panel towards the direction of the max energy given by LDR with the help of stepper Motor 2. The Motor 1 is used to rotate the LDR to sense the max solar power.

Block Diagram:

Solar Tracking system
Solar Tracking system

Block Diagram Explanation:

Here we are designing a System which will automatically detect the position of the sun and track its position in the sky using the solar panel model. As the sunrays fall at a perpendicular angle to the surface of the solar panel, this will result in maximum production of voltage for the whole day.


  • Read the reading of LDR via ADC .
  • Store the data in µC internal memory (RAM).
  • Display the light readings on LCD
  • Compare the three LDR sensor data and move the solar panel accordingly
  • If LDR1> LDR2 and LDR3 , then Right most position
  • If LDR2> LDR1 and LDR3 , then middle position
  • If LDR3> LDR1 and LDR2 , then Left most position
  • Loop



  •            Reduces Human errors associated with the same.
  •          Man power requirements are reduced.
  •          It’s more of a Power saving equipment.
  •          Support can be reached immediately, thus saves a lot of time.
  •          Cost effective and time efficient.
  •          Easy to install and construct.
  •          Consumes less energy and is more efficient.
  •          Increases the overall efficiency of the system.



  •             Used by the Power companies.
  •           Used by the solar monitoring stations.
  •          Used by the people working in mines for monitoring cracks.
  •           Used by the Process control industry.
  •           Used by the High voltage labs.
  •           Used by the Wild life researchers.
  •           Used in the Distributed control systems.
  •           Used in the R & D industries.


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