Circuit diagram of Electromagnetic Lift

Electromagnets are useful for lifting and moving large metal objects containing iron. When current runs through the solenoid coils, it creates a magnetic field that attracts the metal objects. Turning off the current turns off the magnetic field so that the metal can be easily dropped in a new place.

Magnetic Attraction

What is electromagnetism?

  • In 1820, Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted observed a magnet move in the presence of an electric current.
  • Oersted hypothesized that the electric current had produced a magnetic field. Later experiments confirmed his hypothesis, demonstrating the relationship between electricity and magnetism.
  • Electromagnetism results when electric currents and magnetic fields interact with each other.

Components  Required:



—Transistor (BC 548)

—9V DC Battery

—Connecting wires

—Power Supply


Circuit diagram:

Circuit diagram of Electromagnetic Lift
Circuit diagram of Electromagnetic Lift

How can you make a magnet using current?

  • A coil of wire that carries an electric current, and therefore produces a magnetic field, is called a solenoid. The more loops, the stronger the magnetic field.
  • Wrapping a solenoid around an iron core makes an electromagnet, which combines the magnetic field of the solenoid with the magnetic field of the magnetized iron core.


  • Adding loops to the solenoid or increasing the electric current strengthens the electromagnet.

What are some uses for electric magnets?

  • Powerful electromagnets can raise a maglev train above its track. Just as poles of a bar magnet repel each other, electromagnets in the train and track repel each other when the electric current is turned on.
  • Electromagnetic Lift are used In Rescue operations.
  • The indicator on a galvanometer shows current direction and strength.


  • A galvanometer is a meter that measures the strength and direction of an electric current in a wire.
  • A galvanometer contains an electromagnet between the poles of a permanent magnet. When current is applied to the electromagnet, the two magnetic fields interact and cause the electromagnet to turn.
  • The indicator, attached to the electromagnet, moves to one side of the zero on the scale, indicting the strength and direction of the current.


  • The Electromagnetic Lift built and tested successfully.

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