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“Portable & Mini Hand Electricity Generator”



“To design, test & develop portable mini hand electricity generator.”


To study electricity.

 To study dynamo meter. 

To study Motor & Generator.

To study advantages & applications of motor.

To design a mini electricity generator.

 To design a battery charger.

To develop a portable mini hand generator.


AC Motor




ON / OFF Switch

Two in One Button

Connecting Wires

Magnetic Campus


Principle of Mini Generator:

This is an AC electric generator which lights up a Light Emitting Diode

(LED). The generator is made from a mini AC motor. I wrote this article because

I found lots of projects for making a simple electric motor, but nobody gave the

secret for  making a generator. Well, here it is: mini AC motor and a special LED

which only  needs 1 volt light up.

Also, don’t bother making a “commutator,” I have used rectifier circuit to convert

AC voltage into DC voltage for the LED.

Electrical power generators, also known as alternators, transform mechanical

energy into electrical energy. They can be used for backup or emergency

power. Generators can produce either AC or DC power and are typically powered

by a fuel engine.

Electric Generators:

A device used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Mechanical motion turns the armature which creates current.

Many AC motors can function as a generator.

  • Construction of project:

The generator is made from mini AC motor with a gear system.

Step- 1: Take Mini AC motor with a gear system and tight fit handle to rotate the

AC motor which acts as generator.

Step- 2: Take the two wires from mini AC motor terminals.

Step- 3:Connect the two wires from mini AC motor terminals to Rectifier circuit      made up of two diodes, which rectifies the AC voltage of generator           (Converts AC voltage into DC voltage).

Step- 4: Connect the DC voltage output of rectifier using two wires to the LED

with  proper polarity.

Step- 5:Connect gear shafts of mini AC motor to handle.

Step- 6: Move the handle rapidly to rotate the mini AC motor.

Step- 7:The mini AC motor will work as a generator and LED will light showing      generation of electricity.

How a generator works

A generator works by a magnetic field inducing a voltage into a coil of motor.

Important points to note are that the voltage increases as the number of turns of wire

on the coil, the size of the coil and the strength of the magnetic field increases.

The magnetic field (or the coil) needs to be in constant motion to produce/induce

the electricity into the coil. This can be done by moving the rotor of motor.

The rotor needs to move in such a way that the coil continually passes through

the magnetic field. The mini AC motor will work as a generator. The turning shaft

of the rotor of mini AC motor with help of handle transfers the mechanical energy to

rotate the mini AC motor which acts as a generator to generate the electricity

(works on Faradays Law).

When a rotor of mini motor is rotated with help of handle, it induces an AC voltage into the coil of motor. The generator produces electricity that will light up the light bulb – generation of electricity can therefore be simply demonstrated.


      1 Output voltage: 7V

  1. Output current: 80m A
  2. Output power: 0.56 W


This is very simple generator described above is primitive but shows the

basic operation. It has been deliberately left as simple as possible so that there

is maximum scope for using it in imaginative designs and inventions.

It can therefore form the basis for a more complex device as shown a little further

  1. This mini hand crank generator is used to the emergency light, human

power mobile charger, hand crank radio etc.



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