Schematic of Edge Detector Robot

To design & test Accident Avoidance Robot and its application.


The Accident Avoidance Robot is a type of obstacle avoidance robot that avoids collision with unexpected obstacles or vehicles.

Safety and comfort are essential things during the design of an automobile. As the number of vehicles are increasing, the rate of accidents are also increasing day by day. Therefore manufacturers necessarily require a monitoring system in the vehicle that helps to avoid accidents and to prevent the life of driver. The main purpose of an accident avoidance system is to reduce the chances of collision and continuous monitoring of the health parameters of driver and also the vehicle environment. Speeding, drunk driving, sudden fall of pulse rate and seat belt adjustments all lead to accidents. Mostly accidents occur due to driver’s carelessness and also the cases of drunken driving. If there is a sudden fall in the pulse rate, the driver may become unconscious. Alcohol detection, heart pulse rate monitoring systems, obstacle detection and early collision detection are used to reduce the frequency of accidents.

Obstacle avoidance is a primary requirement of any autonomous mobile robot. Obstacle avoidance Robot is design to allow robot to navigate in unknown environment by avoiding collisions.

Obstacle avoiding robot senses obstacles in the path,avoid it and resumes its running. There are some very famous methods for robot navigation like wall-following, edge detection, line following. One of the commercial systems uses wallfollowing method on a floor cleaning robot for long hallways.

A more general and commonly employed method for obstacle avoidance is based on edge detection.

Objective :

  • To study the Sensor.
  • To design the circuit.
  • Study of Geared DC Motors.
  • To design circuit.
  • To study motor driver IC.
  • Study of op-amp.

List of Components:

  • DC Motors
  • IR sensor
  • IC 7805
  • LED’s
  • MOTOR driver IC
  • OP-AMP
  • Resistor & Capacitor
  • Connecting Wires
  • PCB
  • Power Supply / Batteries


Block diagram of Accident avoidance robot
Block diagram of Accident avoidance robot

IR Sensor :

The basic concept of IR (infrared) obstacle detection is to transmit the IR signal (radiation) in a direction and  a signal is received at the IR receiver when the IR radiation bounces back  from a surface of the object.

Actually when LED glow it will transmit light & from obstacle light get reflect back & receive by another led.


Schematic of Edge Detector Robot

Power Supply/ Batteries:

The project requires a 9 volt DC supply voltage for proper working of motor driver IC and for the Circuit we also required 5 Volt DC for the circuit. That’s why here we used Batteries as a Power supply.


  •  In Smart Car.
  •  In Bike.
  •  Autonomous Industries.
  •  In Military for detection of mines.


The Accident Avoidance Robot is designed and tested successfully.

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