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“Experts says pets can be replaced with technology”

In the technological era all the peoples want their lives more easy and stress-free for this purpose researchers always try to innovate something useful.

Petting a living animal has long been known to lower blood pressure and release a flood of mood-lifting endorphins. But for various reasons like you’re at work, or you’re in a hospital, or your spouse is allergic to dogs or cat you can’t always have a pet around to improve your mental health. So researchers at the University of British Columbia have created something called “smart fur.” It’s weird-looking (essentially just a few inches of faux fur) but its sensors allow it to mimic the reaction of a live animal whether you give it a nervous scratch or a slow, calm rub.

Cats and dogs could soon be replaced with robots, one leading expert has claimed.
It is believed that the global growth in population will lead to real animals being only for the super-rich.

‘In Japan, people are becoming so attached to their robot dogs that they hold funerals for them when the circuits die.’
Dr Rault embarked on research for the paper after discovering a huge lack of information about how technology may influence our relationships with animals in the future.
‘You won’t find a lot of research on pet robotics out there, but if you Google robot dogs, there are countless patents.
Everyone wants to get ahead of this thing because there is a market and it will take off in the next 10 to 15 years.’

Dr Rault says it’s not too far-fetched to imagine that robot pets of the future could feature bonafide Artificial Intelligence and could learn to think and respond on their own.
‘When engineers work on robotic dogs, they work on social intelligence, they address what people need from their dogs: companionship, love, obedience, dependence,’ he said.
‘They want to know everything about animal behaviour so they can replicate it as close as possible to a real pet.’

And what about robotic cats? ‘Well, that’s a little harder because you have to make them unpredictable,’ he concluded.

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