Robotics Workshop Conducted by MS Creative School

malegaon robotics

10 Days robotics workshop and hands on training sessions:

Date:  19 April to 30 April


MS Creative School is one of the leading schools in the Malegaon city which provide the excellence in education and motoring the students by the different angle of development.  The adventure sports activities having martial arts, karate, self defence, rifle shooting, archery, skating  and also robotics consist seminar, practical hands on training, demonstration of different types of robots like flying machine, drone, anti drone launcher, big robot, line follower robot, obstacle detector robot, mine robot, land rover robot, mini robots and a lot.


The main objective of the robotics workshops are creating interest in technology and building technical skill. This type of event will build creativity thinking among the students. And also help to make their career in the science, engineering and technology field. It provides the opportunities to learn robotics, study of different types of robots, advantages, disadvantage, application and future scope in the field of robotic technology.



  1. To Learn Robotics.
  2. To Study different types of Robots.
  3. To Study Application of Robotics.
  4. To design and test modular Robots.


Advantage of robotics learning:

  1. To create interest in Science, Engineering and Technology.
  2. To build self creation.
  3. To motivate self learning skill.
  4. To develop creative ideas.
  5. To familiar with Technological Devices.
  6. To identifies Electronics and Electrical devices.
  7. To Learn about Machines.
  8. To build “Do It Yourself Kits”.


Program Highlights:

  • Robotics Seminars / Daily lecture series
  • Practical Sessions
  • Hands on Training of Robots
  • Robotics Educational Videos and Animations
  • Robo Race Competitions
  • Sensors
  • Motors
  • Power Supply / Batteries
  • Solar Modules
  • Robotics Tool Kits
  • Technical Study Materials


Number of Robots Demonstrated:

  • Flying Machine
  • Self Balancing Robot
  • Navigation Robot
  • Cargo Robot
  • Solar Robot
  • Two Leg Mini Robot
  • Line Follower Robot
  • Obstacle Detector Robot
  • Follow Me Robot
  • Light Detector Robot
  • Electromagnetic Robot
  • Fire Detector Robot
  • Robotics Statues
  • Robotics Boat
  • Robotics Toys


The Robotics Workshop are coordinated by The School of Robotix “Let’s learn, play & innovate wonders of the robotics” and The Science Club “Today’s science is tomorrow’s technology”.


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